Real-time smart metering data enables real-time visibility of energy costs

Smart Metering, Use Case

The electricity market is dominated by high customer churn. The primary interaction customers have with their electricity retailer is a monthly bill, which customers feel powerless to influence. GoodMeasure Smart Metering solutions helps electricity retailers to improve their customer engagement and reduce churn. Our technology enables Retailers to combine their pricing plans with real-time usage information to give their customers on demand visibility of energy costs.  This empowers customers to manage their energy costs and engage in a positive way with their Energy Retailer.

A GoodMeasure intelligent communication gateway is installed in each customer’s regular smart-meter, either in parallel-with or instead-of the legacy cellular modem. This allows market compliant billing processes and reconciliation to continue as before without interruption. GoodMeasure simultaneously collects real-time electrical data from the smart meter and delivers this to any number of destinations, software platforms or databases. Any of the meter’s electrical properties can be collected, including kWh, power factor, kvar, voltage etc. in any reading interval.

Empowering customers with access to that data allows them to analyse and adjust their energy usage in real-time. They are more capable of choosing when and how they use electricity. GoodMeasure is about the delivery of actionable  information. The right product services built by a Retailer around real-time smart metering data create a new energy experience for customers. Electricity retailers can now provide the next generation of value-added services to their customers and enable behavioural change towards greater customer satisfaction.

Related Technology

The GoodMeasure Integrator seamlessly integrates with renewable energy resources and customer facing software.

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