High Resolution Smart Metering Data for Appliances Disaggregation

Smart Metering, Use Case

With the increasing numbers of homeowners using home automation tools and installing renewable energy resources the next logical step is the smart combination of both. Access to real-time energy data will transform any residential house into a fully connected smart energy hub.

Integrate your solar PV, battery storage and EV charging station in a broader IoT ecosystem. Connect your chosen home automation or voice control, such as Alexa, Siri, Apple HomeKit, Google Home to take advantage of high resolution data disaggregation. Energy disaggregation helps consumers to allocate  power usage to  different appliances. Home automation will help to optimise usage. The combination of data disaggregation, clever IoT software and full connectivity will give access to real-time smart metering data without the installation costs for a submetering system.

Related Technology

The GoodMeasure Integrator seamlessly integrates with renewable energy resources and customer facing software.

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