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Frequently Asked Questions



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What is GoodMeasure?
GoodMeasure is a unique combination of hardware and cloud innovation. Our metering technology solves challenges around metering data access and distribution. Advance real-time energy monitoring and control from one powerful system.
Smooth integration with existing metering hardware and software systems. Transparent energy data management, while not compromising on performance or security. GoodMeasure empowers businesses to streamline and simplify their energy management workflows.
Can I use my existing hardware like meters and sensors?
Yes, absolutely. We will utilise existing infrastructure as much as possible.  GoodMeasure gateway devices support protocols for many existing meter and sensor types.  Bespoke system can also be included through the use of simple REST API integrations.
Can I use my existing data visualisation applications and software?
Yes, you can. GoodMeasure integrates with many popular software and analysis systems.  The list of supported platforms is increasing. Connections for many major data management and visualisation systems have already been developed by our team.

These include:

  • WU, Google Data Studio, Power BI, Bitpool
  • Initial Stata, Loggly, PubNub, Amazon Kineses
I don’t have anything to store all this metering data, can I store it in GoodMeasure?
Yes, most definitely. GoodMeasure can act as a data repository for you, archiving all your real-time data for later analysis and visualisation. You can access the data of all your metering points for dozen of sites from across the country.
How is data transmitted? Where is my data stored?
In the broadest terms, GoodMeasure uses the internet to securely capture your metering data and deliver it to multiple destinations of your choice. You have complete control over how much data you require and where you want it to be. The means to transmit the data from your sites to the cloud can vary, using a combination of wifi, ethernet, 3G/4G and proprietary RF networks.
How often can I access my data?
In principle, as often as you like.  In practice, most clients are happy to receive data as often as every few minutes or as infrequently as once a day.
What is the minimum number of metering points GoodMeasure can work with?
GoodMeasure offers a wide range of solutions for different scenarios. You can start with as little as one metering point.  Each metering point can monitor multiple “properties”.  This means you can look at not only how much energy a site is consuming, but whether the site is also generating energy and local power quality conditions.
What is the maximum number of metering points?
GoodMeasure has no upper limit.  Gateway hardware installed at sites may be limited to around 50 metering points per unit.  However, a greater number of metering points can be easily accommodated with the installation of additional gateway devices.
How do I get GoodMeasure for my business?
GoodMeasure is available as a service.  You can use as much of it, or as little of it as fits your business requirements. To understand how GoodMeasure can help you manage your metering and sensor information, contact a GoodMeasure approved Channel Partner or our Business Development team directly.
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