How to access real time metering data for a virtual power plant trial


Connect services from several energy technology companies to a single platform


Seamless integration of  smart metering data solutions with existing metering infrastructure and consumer facing software


Real-time data access to multiple parties – Electricity Retailer, Network Provider and Consumer

CLIENT Electricity Retailer

LOCATION New Zealand

SECTOR Smart Metering

GoodMeasure helps one of New Zealand’s leading electricity retailers to establish real time data connections in a Virtual Power Plant trial in Wellington.


The power retailer has partnered with selected energy technology companies to provide solar and battery units to 25 homes in the capital. The smart energy packages allow residents to generate electricity from solar and rely on battery storage when the grid is under pressure or an outage occurs. The low-voltage energy storage system captures and stores solar power.

“We’ve chosen GoodMeasure for the trial due to the seamless integration and highly flexible nature of their technology. With GoodMeasure customers can monitor their energy data in real-time.”

Special Projects Manager

Electricity Retailer

The biggest challenge to setup the trial was to connect several energy technology companies with the energy retailers software to enable consumers to monitor and manage  their electricity use in real-time via a mobile phone app. Another vision by the power retailer is to manage battery storage during peak demands on the network.


The electricity retailer selected GoodMeasure IoT cloud based technology to establish secure data connections. The GoodMeasure Connector gives access to the solar panels and battery storage system. The GoodMeasure Integrator opens the data connection to  the smart meter. Both devices communicate on demand via web-based agents to the retailers software system.


The GoodMeasure Integrator unlocks real-time smart metering data. Deliver data directly to any software platform. 


GoodMeasure smart metering technology allows the retailer to control the solar storage to discharge either to the households or into the grid at peak times. The network provider is also working with the retailer to develop capability to use the stored energy to offset loads during times of high network demand.

GoodMeasure CEO Dean Gowans envisions the technology could support multiple trading relationships and give customers the choice of sharing stored energy with other parties.

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