How to compress power bill with data-based energy management


Achieve maximum energy cost efficiency for a wide range of industries


End-to-end  integration with existing metering hardware and Energy Management software platforms


Real-time data access toEmergy Management consultancy and their clients

CLIENT Energy Management Consultancy

LOCATION New Zealand

SECTOR Energy Management

GoodMeasure provides tailored technology solutions to Pioneer Energy, one of New Zealand’s leading energy management consultancies to help their clients control energy costs effectively. Accurate advice and savings calculations must be based on sound information.


The energy advisory company works with organisations in a wide range of industries – commercial buildings, supermarkets and industrial businesses – to achieve maximum energy cost efficiency. They monitor energy usage and identify opportunities to make business operation more cost effective for their clients.

“GoodMeasure devices integrate with a wide variety of existing metering hardware. We can utilise the existing metering rather than duplicating metering infrastructure. GoodMeasure data connections work with Pioneer’s front end data visualisation software through an API. Because of this we streamline our data collection process and lower the costs for our clients.”

Chris Dawson

Energy Solutions Manager, Pioneer Energy

The biggest challenge is to manage reliable, real-time submetering data across hundreds of metering point. This requires a seamless integration into existing metering infrastructure and software systems. “Often businesses are poorly advised to invest capital cost into hardware that is compatible with one specific software. They end up installing entire new metering systems on top of their existing well-functioning hardware, simply to use the newly bought software.”, assessed Dean Gowans, GoodMeasure Chief Executive.


Pioneer Energy chose GoodMeasure IoT cloud based technology to access metering data while ensuring an end-to-end integration with its existing hardware and software platforms. Each GoodMeasure Connector collects all of the metering data from dozens of existing metering points from facilities across New Zealand. The intelligent gateway communicates on demand via web-based agents to the software platforms that Pioneer Energy specify.


The GoodMeasure Connector seamlessly integrates with existing metering infrastructure and software.


GoodMeasure submetering solutions allow Pioneer Energy and their customers to access real-time metering data in their chosen software platforms, without replacing metering hardware. They can monitor, analyse and manage their power consumption for each metering point via one powerful system to work towards their energy efficiency goals.

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