Multi-tenant Submetering and Billing for Several Sites of a Film Studio Complex


A simplified tenant billing process that is on demand and accurate


Seamless integration of submetering data solutions with existing metering infrastructure and tenant billing system


On demand readings of any metering point remote from one powerful system

CLIENT International Film Studio

LOCATION New Zealand

SECTOR Check Metering

GoodMeasure works with Camperdown Studios, one of New Zealand’s leading film studio companies to streamline their highly complex multi-tenant billing processes.


The studio complex rents out their production facilities to filmmakers. The state-of-the-art film studio includes four purpose-built sound stages and 13 production facility blocks, including office space, laundry, costumes and warehouses for construction, art and painting.

“GoodMeasure is a fair and reliable system to track and bill power use right across our operation. It has been totally adaptable to scale-up with our growing needs.”

Louise Baker

Head of Operations, Camperdown Studio

The studio rents out several facilities to multiple tenants. The challenge is to bill tenants accurately for their power use during the correct periods, across the entire facility. Camperdown cannot rely on manual meter readings in such a highly complex, fast moving business environment.


The company teamed up with GoodMeasure’s engineering team to integrate the GoodMeasure Connector seamlessly into their existing metering infrastructure. The studio can keep their existing billing process to minimise capital costs.


The GoodMeasure Connector seamlessly integrates with existing metering infrastructure and software.


GoodMeasure submetering solution allows the studio’s operations team to instantly read every metering point across their facilities remotely from one single platform. Power use can be allocated down to the minute for each individual stage, warehouse or supply block. Tenant bills are fair, reliable and fast.

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