Wellington energy tech experts power up the smart meter market

Wellington energy tech company Embrium has launched GoodMeasure – a highly innovative new web services platform set to revolutionise smart metering.

GoodMeasure transforms existing smart market meters by enabling them to communicate in real-time so the data can be applied to more useful and customer-friendly services and applications.

The electricity sector is initially being targeted but GoodMeasure can be utilised for any type of meter or sensory device, making its applications and uses vast in scale.

Embrium chief executive Dean Gowans says the GoodMeasure cloud platform and hardware products have been extensively tested with early support partners producing hugely encouraging results.

“We even have CO2 and weather stations connected to GoodMeasure with data from meters and sensors being delivered to a host of other specialist web service platforms for further processing.”

CTO Regan Ryan says GoodMeasure is being launched through a limited number of electricity sector channel partners who can help them scale in New Zealand and Australia – with the intention of the product eventually going global.

“Meters can be located anywhere in the world and still communicate with GoodMeasure within milliseconds. Furthermore, it can be done in scale without the old legacy generation system bottlenecks and delays.

“It will revolutionise the ability for meters, both new and installed, to be smarter with greater resolution and high-quality data to capture extremely detailed information about power usage.

“This will have tremendous benefits from a cost and management perspective. It will also support the industry to be both more environmentally-focused and cost-conscious regarding energy use and power monitoring.”

GoodMeasure has also found favour with electrical vehicle charging systems, with dozens of the devices installed in EV (Electric Vehicle) chargers located around the Wellington region.

GoodMeasure device hardware and cloud platform software is designed and produced by Embrium’s team in the Wellington suburb of Miramar.

Mr Gowans and Mr Ryan are experienced, serial entrepreneurs. They founded Embrium in 2014 but it’s far from their first foray into business together.

The duo have been pioneering and developing technology in the energy sector for the past 25 years, including the development of New Zealand’s first smart meters and cloud base energy information systems.

“GoodMeasure represents a technology step shift in what you can do with meters and meter data,” Mr Gowans says. “It’s a leap of at least two generations of technology from what’s out there in the back office and bolted on to customers switchboards today.”

Mr Gowans says Embrium has received fantastic support from agencies such as Callaghan Innovation and the Wellington Regional Economic Development Agency (WREDA).

WREDA’s Business Growth and Innovation General Manager David Jones says the economic development agency has been involved with Embrium since 2014 when they helped the company find suitable interns.

“Since then we’ve assisted in them receiving capability development grants, introduced them to audit, tax and advisory experts KPMG and to various marketing experts.

“WREDA also invited Embrium to this year’s Callaghan Innovation First Forum, and the company recently signed on to country’s premier internship programme Summer of Tech.”

A year ago Embrium received investment from King Country-based electricity distributor The Lines Company. The investment allowed Embrium to more rapidly develop GoodMeasure and commercialise the product offering.